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Epic off road adventure & race – 29. JULI – 1.AUGUST 2021

Are you ready for one of the most demanding bike adventures / races in Denmark. RAD X offer a 400, 600 and 900km challenge. The routes are mainly gravel, far from often used roads, and often with far in between supply stops. 

RAD X brings our participants closer to nature, and our routes pass through some of the best gravel landscape Denmark has to offer. We also ride through two of Denmarks National Parks, National Park Thy and National Park Mols. 

RAD X is an Unsupported event, you are responsible for food, drinks and navigating the route (GPS track provided, and you must ride the whole route). Half way there is a Drop Box option, where a 20 ltr pre packed box will be placed for you, and returned to the start. 

The number of participants is limited to 75, first order first served. 

All participants are equipped with a GPS for Live Tracking, a startnumber and a goodiebag. We offer a light dinner and hanging out before the start of the event on Kaløvig Lystbådehavn near Aarhus. 

As a participants you also have the option of a “drop box” which will be placed mid route, so you can change your outfit, and refill supplies. There will be a small surprise at the drop box stop also. 

It will be days with many hours in the saddle, where you can concentrate solely on cycling and your most basic needs, EPIC! The route is mostly on gravel, but also tarmac. Many types of bikes can be used, all bikes are allowed. We recommend a gravel bike. 


RAD X 400 – (403km – 2665hm)

Our “shortest” challenge, but beautiful and hard. You will pass Mols Bjerge, ride along Gudenåen, Denmarks largest rive, and pass through the great Forests near Silkeborg.

RAD X 600 – (578km – 4008hm)

RAD 600, our medium challenge, Hills of Mols, lakes of Viborg, the greats Forests near Silkeborg, and Horsens Fjord. An EPIC ride!

RAD X 900 – (930km -5605hm))

Beautiful but also very hard. Proceed with good legs and plenty of training. An adventure for life. The racers are FAST, while adventurers are in for an EPIC ride.

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