RAD Intro side, Jacob

RACE AROUND DENMARK is held for the fourth time in 2020. The race route is planned in a manner, so it is a challenge for anyone. The route runs through some of the most beautiful, varying and challenging terrain, Denmark has to offer. It demands strong physical abilities, a will made of iron and great teamwork.

During the race it will be possible for families, friends colleagues and other to follow the riders on this bike adventure. The riders will bring af GPS tracker, so it´s possible to follow them online.

The race starts and finishes in Horsens, where you will find accommodation before, during and after the race. For example it will be possible to bring your own camper wagon or tent to stay overnight in the race site.


The route is 1.600 kilometers and runs through Jylland, Fyn and Sjælland. The route includes about 10.000 height meters.


The route follows the first part of the EXTREME route in Jylland, it is 800 kilometers long and includes about 5.200 height meters.


The route is 400 kilometer and runs through Mid- and South Jutland. The first part cuts through Jutland and the last two thirds of the route follows the CHALLENGE route and includes both the western and eastern coast, night riding and a considerable amount of height meters.


You can sign up in the following categories:


In the “supported” category you are followed by a follow vehicle. In this category you can sign up in the solo class, the two man or the four man team.

“UNSUPPORTED” (no help)

In the “UNSUPPORTED” category you have ride the whole route on you own with no help from outside. In this category you can sign up in the solo class or as a two man team. In a two man team unsupported, both riders need to ride the whole route.

All distances in this category are ridden strictly non draft (except for the two man category)


As something new in the 2020 edition it will be possible to ride in two new categories: “RAD ULTRA Challenge 4 Person Team Unsupported” and in “RAD ULTRA Experience Solo Supported”. Also, all riders and crewmembers must attend the mandatory Race Info Meeting prior to the race. This is primarily due to safety reasons, but also in a try to create a larger show up of people at race start.

We recommend all participants to invite family, friends, colleagues etc. to show up in the start area. Race Around Denmark will offer a free sausage and a soft drink to all showing up.

And remember…
Also, that we offer all riders to buy a photo package. The package includes 8 of the best pictures, taken by our great photographer, Jesper, from ATMOS PHOTOGRAPHY. The prices for this package is 400,- DKK before the race, and 550,- DKK after the race.