As part of the registration all food is uncluded for the riders.

The food tent will be in  that starting area with a view to the race, that passes through the starting area. Also, there will be a pit area with food, where riders can resupply with the food they need.

The food has been chosen and will be served, so it is convenient to eat while riding.

During the race you will find the following in the food tent:

  • Fruit and vegetables; oranges, bananas, cucumber, melon
  • Bread with pesto and cold cuts
  • Pasta and oven baked potatoes
  • Chicken and sausages from the grill
  • Chips, peanuts, raisins, candy
  • Soup
  • Morning bread
  • Water, soda, energy drink, juice, coffee shots


It is possible to buy food for helpers and family members. This costs 175,- DKK for adults, and 125,- DKK for children. When purchased a paper band will given, which needs to be carried  around the wrist for the entire race.