RAAM Qualifying Race

It´s possible to qualify for the Race Across America on both the CHALLENGE (800 kilometers) and the EXTREME (1.600 kilometers) distance.



800 k (solo):

Men: 37 hours (21,6 k/h)

Women: 42 hours (19,0 k/h)

1.600 k (solo)

Men: 96 hours (16,7 k/h)

Women: 104 hous (15,4 k/h)



1) It is not possible to qualify for RAAM in the unsupported category. It isn´t so, because a very important aspect of ultracycling is the experience riding with a support vehicle.

2) It is not possible to qualify directly for RAAM as a duo or a team for that simple reason, that RAAM does not use qualification criteria for these.