The race consists of two routes, “The long” and “The short”.

“The long” route is 34 kilometers and goes by the beautiful Helnaes via the dam, back to Ebberup via Snave. Along the course 139 height meters must be climbed. “The Long” route must be raced the first 22 hours.

Ruten Helnæs dæmning

Helnaes Dam


“The short” route is 7,5 kilometers and runs in the area just south of Ebberup. The route travels clockwise, and therefor consists mostly of right hand turns. Along 48 height meters must be climbed. This route is race the last two hours of the race.

Ruten Helnæs kort

Along the short route.


Routes with GPS files can be found here:

The Long Route:

The Short Route: