Ultracycling takes a strong physique, a will of iron and a great teamwork. It gives unexpected experience, great challenges and new friendships. The aim of succeeding gives you motivation, expectations and excitement all of which are replaced by pride, useful experience and memories for life.


You want a serious goal, that takes dedication, and that will be a memory for life.

You want to test your own limits in a ultracycling race.

You wish to see Denmark´s beautiful nature from the saddle.

You want to be part of a team and gain a whole new perspective on what teamwork is.

You want to gain experience before bigger, international races.

You wish to expose your sponsors even more.


You can sign up in the following categories:


RAD Intro side, med følgebil

In the “supported” category you are followed by a follow vehicle. In this category you can sign up in the solo class, the two man or the four man team.

“UNSUPPORTED” (no help)

RAD Intro side, unsupported

In the “UNSUPPORTED” category you have ride the whole route on you own with no help from outside. In this category you can sign up in the solo class or as a two man team. In a two man team unsupported, both riders need to ride the whole route.

All distances in this category are ridden strictly non draft (except for the two man category)