Ting til udlevering

We try to make sure, the participants will get the best possible experience by offering a route that runs through some of the most beautiful and challenging landscape, Denmark has to offer.  As a participant you will get:

  • A route that has been meticulously planned to give as safe, fair and attractive race as possible.
  • A race office that is staffed 24 hours a day
  • Race officials that follow the riders on the route the whole 1.600 kilometers to make sure, the race is safe and fair.
  • Race officials that constantly keep the race followers updated with the race progress giving the riders as much attention as possible.
  • An official Race Around Denmark jersey.
  • A race meeting prior to the race with information about the route, safety and more.
  • “Finisher” medal to the finishers.
  • The option to stay in the race area with ones own campervan or wagon.
  • A start and finish of the race that is worth the effort of the riders.
  • Meals in the race area.
  • Food in the race tent for riders, crewmembers and supporters when teams arrive at the finish.

When signing in prior to the race, the participants and their teams will receive the following:

  • Official Race Around Denmark jersey, if you have ordered one.
  • Inspection papers
  • GPX (You will also find this on the website)
  • Stickers with racenumbers
  • GPS tracker that needs to be handed right after the race. There will be a deposit to be paid.
  • Race Office phone number

The people behind Race Around Denmark are all keen ultracycling supporters with experience from different races. We will be ready with advice, whether it be about preparation, training, logistics or other planning at any time.