Welcome to RAD HELNÆS24

RAD HELNÆS 24 is it its 4th year. A great challenge and an unforgettable experience.

It is for everyone: no matter if you are a keen exerciser or a super ambitious rider. Our aim is simple: To give you a world class bike experience.

You can participate either to give yourself a life changing challenge in beautiful surroundings, or to set a new PR, or you might even want to go for Race Across America qualification.

We have a stunning and fast route.

– Around the clock Feed stations 

– Sleep- and rest facilities available

– Cheerful and helpful staff

– Support and lots of positive vibes

– Skilled photographers provide amazing images

The laps

SHORT PARKOUR – 7,5km/48hm
The lap is 7.5 kilometers and runs in the area immediately south of Ebberup. The route goes clockwise, and thus mainly offers right turns. You have to use this lap the last two hours of the race.

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LONG PARKOUR – 34km/139hm
The route extends around the beautiful Helnæs Peninsula via a dam, then back to Ebberup via Snave. The Long Lap must be used the first 22 hours of the race.

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Helnæs24-6, Solo

Helnæs24-6, Duo

Helnæs24-6, Recumbent (non-draft)

“12 HOURS”

Helnæs24-12, Solo (non-draft)

Helnæs24-12, Solo

Helnæs24-12, Duo (non-draft)

Helnæs24-12, Duo

Helnæs24-12, Recumbent (non-draft)

“24 HOURS”

Helnæs24, Solo (non-draft – RAAM).

Helnæs24, Solo

Helnæs24, Duo (non-draft)

Helnæs24, Duo

Helnæs24, 4MAN (non-draft)

Helnæs24, 4MAN

Helnæs24, 4MAN (no-draft)

Helnæs24, Recumbent (non-draft)

RAD HELNÆS 24 is a RAAM Qualifier race.
There are special rules for RAAM riders. Please read the “Race Manual” carefully!


MEN: 643,6 km (399.92 mi)

WOMEN: 595,3 km (369.90 mi)

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