RACE START: Saturday August 14th, 10.00am

LINE UP: Be ready at the startline at 9.50am

FINISH: Sunday August 15th, 10.00am

CLOSURE: The race area is open until Sunday 3:00pm. That way riders and helpers have time to rest before heading back home.


Ebberup Hallerne
Skolevej 7
5631 Ebberup

Race Office
Phone: +45 23 49 19 39


You must race one round at the main route. Hereafter it is up to you how much you will race for the next 6, 12 or 24 hours.

All participants have to run through a scan-in/scan-out area after each round. That way your amount of kilometres will be registered. It is of course possible to keep you pace due this area.


A Pair consists of 2 riders.

A Team consists of 3 to 4 riders.

Each rider, from the pair or tema, must race one round at the daily route. Hereafter is is free how they share the rest of the time. 

Pair- and team race are raced as a stafet. That means that each pair/team can only have one rider at the route at a time.

When you change rider, it takes place in the scan-in/scan-out area. Meaning the next rider may race out through the scan area when the previous rider has been scanned into the scan area. The active chip must be handed over to the next rider.

All participants must go through the scan area for each lap to register the kilometers traveled.


SHORT PARKOUR – 7,5km/48hm
The lap is 7.5 kilometers and runs in the area immediately south of Ebberup. The route goes clockwise, and thus mainly offers right turns. You have to use this lap the last two hours of the race.

See it on STRAVA

LONG PARKOUR – 34km/139hm
The route extends around the beautiful Helnæs Peninsula via a dam, then back to Ebberup via Snave. The Long Lap must be used the first 22 hours of the race.

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The race area opens Friday before the race at 3.00 pm. After that, it will be possible to accomodate in the hall or the assigned areas for  tents, caravans and motorhomes, as well as putting up pavilions, and just settle.


For safety reasons, riders will be devided in groups of 50 riders. All riders start at the same time. 

The start is t 10.00 am. First box are RAAM riders as well as recumbents (if any). Next group is the 6 hours, then the 12 hours and last 24 hours riders, with approx 10 meters in between. 

All riders must be ready in their respective start group at least 10 minutes before.


It is allowed to use all types of bicycles that are legal in public traffic.

Riders on recumbent bikes must not ride in groups with others.

It is allowed to change bicycles along the way, but not to another type (e.g. from TT bicycle to recumbent bicycle).

It is allowed to switch between regular racing bike and TT bike.

Disc wheels and the likes are allowed.

NOTE: All riders must use a UCI approved bicycle helmet at all times.

Triathlon bars and hangers are not allowed, except RAAM riders.


  • You participate in the race at your own risk.
  • You must comply with the Road Traffic Act.
  • You must wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Do not use Triathlon/TT handlebars (RAAM Qualifiers are excluded)
  • You must use bicycle lights and reflective vest between 8:00 pm – 6:00 am. Front lights and rear lights must be mounted on the bike.
  • Participants must wear outer layer on the upper body with a minimum 15mm wide reflective strip.
  • We generally recommend that participants make themselves as visible as possible. Reflectors on the rear of the pedal arms, in wheels or on tires and reflections on legs / shoes are all great for visuality
  • Do not use flashing rear lights for the sake of the person driving right behind you. The participants themselves must bring the necessary flashlights and reflective clothing.


Participant fee includes

Dinner Friday evening (give notice!). 

Breakfast for team crew and relatives Saturday Sunday morning.

Full catering from a tent with direct view to the race area.

Possibility of camping in either tent or caravan.

Possibility of accommodation in Ebberup Hallen the evening before and during the race.

Rider catering

The food tent can be found in the race area with a view of the race. There is a pit area where the riders can pass and on the fly fill the pockets with the food they need. The food will – as much as possible – be eatable on the bike. During the race, the following can be found in the food tent and pit stop pavilion.

– Fruit and vegetables; oranges, bananas, cucumbers

– Rye bread sandwiches with cold cuts

– Buns with nutella

– Pasta salad

– Chicken & sausages from the grill

– Chips, peanuts, raisins & sweets

– Soup (Saturday evening only). 

– Breakfast

– Water, soda, energy drink, juice, coffee shots

Helpers & family members
It is possible to purchase catering for helpers and family members. This costs DKK 175 for adults and DKK 125 for children. Food ticket purchases are made on race day. The bracelet must be worn throughout the race, this applies to both riders and helpers and family members.



Overnight in the Hall

It is possible to spend the night in either the Ebberup hall or camp just next to the hall.

Accommodation and camping are part of the registration fee.

Before, during and after the race it will be possible to sleep in the Ebberup Hall.

The hall will open Friday before the race at 3.00 pm and closes again at Sunday after the race at 3.00 pm. You must bring your own sleeping gear; mattress, pillow etc. Both Friday and Saturday night there must be quiet in the hall between 11.00 pm – 07.00 am, and again Sunday from 11.00 am – 3.00 pm.

Overnight in tent / caravan / motorhome

It is possible to spend the night in a tent / caravan on the football fields behind Ebberup Hallen.

When entering the courts, pick the field on the leftside. Due to the condition of the fields, we reserve the right to cancel this option, in case of very soft surface.

Please note, there will be no electricity at the campsite. However, it is possible to leave ordinary units in the food tent.

Motorhomes must park at Ebberup School. It is recommended that you do not block the fire roads. This will be indicated by signs. Note, there will be no power at camp site.

The fire regulations states that there must be at least 3 meters between tent, caravans etc.


RAAM Qualifier

RAD HELNÆS24 is official RAAM Qualifier race.

RAD HELNÆS 24 is a RAAM Qualifying race.
There are specific roules for RAAM riders. Please read ‘Rules’ carefully!

Qualification requirements:

Men: 643,6 km

Women: 595,3 km

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