FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Read the race rules carefully. Here many of the answers to the questions below will be answered. Questions should be sent to: info@racearounddenmark.org

Can I qualify for RAAM in the category Unsupported?

No, it is not possible to qualify for RAAM, as it is an essential for RAAM to gain experience with driving with a team car.

Can I qualify for RAAM when riding as a team?

No, it is not possible to qualify for RAAM, because you can’t ride as a team at RAAM.

Can I ride Race Around Denmark on my own?
Yes, if you choose to ride unsupported you must ride the race on your own.

How many is on a Crew?
There must be at least three men/women on a crew on the EXTREME route. There must be at least two people on the CHALLENGE route in the car. Each car must have at least two with driver’s license.

How many team cars should I have?

At least one because it is compulsory for the team car to follow the rider from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. On the EXTREME route it can be advantageous to have two cars so that the crew members can also sleep. 

Det er vigtigt, at der hele tiden er to crewmedlemmer i følgebilen på EXTREME ruten, hvis en anden bil er tilknyttet holdet. Benyttes kun én følgebil på EXTREME ruten skal der være minimum tre crewmedlemmer heri, deraf mindst to med kørekort.

If you bring two cars, it is important that there are two crew members in the team car 1 on the EXTREME route at all times. If only one team car is used on the EXTREME route, there must be at least three crew members there, including at least two with a driver’s license.

Size limits on the car?
2.10 meters wide, 5.60 meters long and a maximum hight on 2.50 meters.

Can I use a camper/mini van as team car?

Can I use a motor bike as team car?

What are the distances in Race Around Denmark?
The EXTREME route is 1.600 km with around 10.000 meters. The CHALLENGE route is 800 km with about 5.200 meters. The EXPERIENCE route is about 400 kilometer.

What are the time limits on the three distances?
See time limits for supported and unsupported HERE.

Are the routes marked?
No. It is a part of the challenge to navigate during the race.

How do I navigate?
Every team will get a Routebook with exact route navigation. Furthermore a GPX file can be downloaded for satelite navigation. This navigation isn’t always precise. In that case use the Routebook.

Can I replace a crew member along the way?

Only in case of emergency. And if that happens, the race management must be known for the new member. The new crew member must be familiar with the race’s rules and conditions of participation before entering the race.

What do bicycle- and car inspection consist of?

In order to make RAD as safe and fair as possible, it is important that all teams take the greatest safety measures. Inspections should help ensure this happens. See regulations for specifying requirements for bicycles and cars.

Should the entire crew attend the inspections?

No. It is not necessary.

Should the entire crew attend the enrollment?
No. But the entire crew must sign that they Men det er et krav at alle underskriver the conditions of participation. Otherwise the rider can not start the race.

Where and when does enrollment take place?
Enrollment will take place at the race site. See the signs on the day. For each distance, a period will be set for enrollment. See schedule under “Time and place”.

What happens if you arrive late for the race?
Too bad. Time has started. Get goind. Time stops when you cross the finish line.

What happens if a team loses a member prior to the start of the race?
It is possible to change the team as you wish, as long as it happens before entering the race. A team can consist of 3-4 riders.

Is there staff by the time stations?
Some are, some aren’t. When there is staff, the staff will do the registration. If there is no staff, the team must call Race Office, when you have passed.

Should we bring our own doctor?
No. A doctor is a good idea, but it is not required.

Can I chose my own start time?
No, start times for each rider/team will be given by the Race Office. The start princip: First to sign in – last to start; Last to sign in – first to start.

The riders/teams start with 2 minute intervals at all distances.

Should a team car always follow the rider?
No, not all 24 hours a day. A car must follow in the hours between 7:00 pm to 7:00 am, and with poor visibility and when a Time Stations are passed. Here the car should follow just after the rider, or as close as is reasonable. For steep or long slopes the distance should be increased slightly for safety reasons. A rule of thumb is that it should not be possible for other cars to squeeze in between the rider and the team car.

Is it okay to use a headlight instead of a lamp mounted on the bike?
No, lights must be attached to the bicycle, but it is allowed to use a headlamp as additional light. It is also important that light is not so bright and tuned in a way that it is interfers with the other traffic.

Can I get my money back if I can’t start?

See “Cancellations

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