Good advice for the participants


Prior to participating in our races, you must ensure in good time that you are able to complete races like this. Not sure? Consult your own doctor. And make sure your training meets the challenge.

You must ensure  that you have the necessary insurance in case of personal or material damage.

Your bicycle must be in a very good condition (as your body, mind and health) so that it cannot pose a risk to yourself and others. We recommend that you have it checked by a bicyclist before departure.

You are required to have read the rules of the race. A violation of these can lead to disqualification.

Before the race, you must have ensured that you have been handed your tracker, race bag, and more. Be aware of where and when they may be delivered.

You must have mounted your race number, reflectors and the like on the bike before the race. If you have a team car in your race, this also applies to your car. Be familiar with the rules of where to place them.

Cykler på stativ


During the race, make sure you get enough fluid and energy.

Some are able to sit 16-20-24 hours on the bike, others are not. If you have ambitions to cycle with a minimum of sleep, we recommend that you bring a companion to take stock ofof your condition along the way.

The course runs for 24 hours a day. It is allowed to leave the route and sleep in campsites or likewise you meet.
You are not allowed to receive any outside assistance, or sleep at friends or family, during the race.
You should ALWAYS resume the race on the exact same spot where you left it!

If you wish to leave the race, you must report it to a race official.

Mand med krus


Remember all your equipment and have clean up after yourself.

Are you able to drive home? We recommend that riders who have been strained along the way wait a few hours before driving themselves. We recommend that our participants should be transported by other people.

Subsequently, consume sufficient energy and especially fluid, and especially if the race has been held under hot conditions.

The race area will be open and manned after the race, so it is possible to stay there afterwards and consume energy and fluid.

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