It is obligatory for all participants in the race to have read the rules of the race thoroughly. Many of the answers to the following questions are answered in depth here. You are very welcome to contact the race management in case you have a question. You can contact us here:


Can I ride Race Around Denmark on my own?

Yes, if you choose to ride “unsupported” you must ride the race on your own.

If you choose to ride “supported”, you need to have a crew, that follows you on the route.


How many need to be on a crew?

There must be at least tre persons on a crew on the EXTREME route. On the CHALLENGE route there must at least two persons in each car.

In all cars at least two persons must have a drivers license.


How many follow vehicle do I need to have?

At least one since it´s mandatory to have a follow car to follow the riders in the hours from 7.00 pm to 7.00 am. Especially on the EXTREME route it is an advantage to have two cars, so that some of the crew can get sleep. For example can a second follow vehicle drive ahead. The crew in this car can get some sleep, and after this replace follow vehicle one. A second option is to bring a camper van, where parts of the crew can sleep and after this switch positions with the crew members in the follow vehicle.

It is important, that there are two crew members at all times in the follow vehicle on the EXTREME route. If only one car is used on the EXTREME route, there must be at least three crew members of which at least must have a drivers license.


How big is the follow vehicle allowed to be?

2.10 meters wide, 5.60 meters long and with a maximum height of 2.50 meters.


Can my follow vehichle be an camper van?

No. See the race rules.


Are motorcycles allowed as follow vehicles?



What are the distances in Race Around Denmark?

EXTREME: 1.600 kilometers and approximately 10.000 height meters.

CHALLENGE:. 800 kilometers and approximately 5.200 height meter.

EXPERIENCE: 400 kilometers.