RAD EXPLORER is a race, where we want to bring the riders closer to nature, far away from traffic, and to place one would normally not come, and which are places only accessible by bike (or by foot, but we think the bike cooler). The route runs through some of the best gravel scenery, Denmark has to offer: Through woods, along the coast, through flat terrain, hilly terrain and to some of the most remote places in Denmark. On the way the route goes through two national parks, National Park Mols and National Park Thy.

The race is semisupported: On route riders go by “unsupported”rules. This means the riders are responsible for getting food og drinks, navigate (by GPS track), fix their bikes etc. At night, after the stage, we will supply food and a place to sleep for the riders. Also, it is possible the riders to have their luggage transported to the next stage destination by the race organizers.

It will be days with many hours on the bike, where riders won´t have to think about anything else but their bike and their most basic need. The route runs on varied surfaces, and many different kinds of bikes can be used. The best choice will be a gravel bike, thought.

The number of participants in the race is limited to 50.